Your investment is dependant on the length and frequency of coaching. it will also depend on the size of the expectations/outcomes.



My Initial consultations are a powerful coaching experience off the bat. We will dial into the problem area/s and begin to expose the area our coaching will take place in. During this session, I can assess your situation, explain how I work and share some other powerful testimonials.


Please be aware I do not work with everyone. I don't offer coaching solutions to everyone, just the people I know I can help to transform,



Clients sometimes tell me about the huge shift that they felt as a result of this initial meeting. It could be the conversation you need to have, to gain a new perspective on your life and the permission you need to go after what you want. Please note that I coach on these consultations, so expect to hear some truths and be prepared for them.



My clients and I work together, and their lives often change beyond recognition. This opportunity will cost you more than money though. I need your energy and commitment as well.


If the coaching suits our requirements and we get on, we can talk about my fees, and your life will change.


There will be a financial commitment if coaching is offered and all fees are payable upfront unless otherwise arranged,