Change how you look, think and feel this autumn and be the inspirational, powerful confident woman you know you are for you, your friends and family. You can lose up to 10lbs in the next 6 weeks. Without long, boring cardio and restrictive diets.


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If you want to change how you look, think and feel about your body this Autumn and be the inspirational, powerful confident woman you know you are for you, your friends and family. or you've got 10lbs or more to lose, we guarantee that you will get there by joining this project...

As always that's backed by our money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose... except the 10lbs!


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We're also going to take away all the risk and give you our 100% money back guarantee. 

 If you complete the challenge and don’t lose at least 1lb or a few cm's, love the workouts, the program and the coaching then we’ll give you back your £149.




  •  Who Is This Program For?


If you're ambitious, hardworking and driven to reach your own personal goals then you are welcome here.

It doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner who has never lifted a dumbbell before or a real gym bunny who can deadlift her bodyweight.

I just like working with women who are ready to be coached, want to listen to advice, are ambitious and driven to reach their goals and understand the value of training in their lives


  •  What's Included In The Challenge?


- 6 x 121 Coaching Calls


- 6 week Body Transformation Program


- 6 week Body Transformation Nutrition System


- Measurements and Weigh-Ins to keep track of your progress


- Access to our Private Members-Only Facebook Group


- Nutrition coaching, support and personalised feedback


- Rest and recovery strategies so you can sleep better and feel more energised


- Plus you will learn the exact process I used to obliterate bad habits and lose weight myself


- A Guaranteed Result; if you follow the program to the letter you will lose up to 10lbs.


  • What Is The Cost?


Transformation Projects are just £149, which means your investment in this program is £25 per week . . .

Which in real terms is a takeaway at the weekend 


For that, you get everything mentioned on the page above plus GUARANTEED RESULTS


If you follow this program and don't get the results we promise then we will happily give you your money back.


Are You Ready to Change Forever this Autumn?

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The principles and structure provided to me weren't hard nor in fact even new. However, as I started to consistently use them together with the guidance and mentoring in the coaching calls, the impact was profound. I am so grateful to have fallen on such a usable system that fits my life. Its changed me.

I had a horrible relationship with food, I had a horrible relationship with my body and I was really suffering with mental wellness as well as weight. When I started, it was little changes every day that gave me the confidence that I could suceed. My face changed shape, my body changed shape and i could feel better about the skin I am in. I would suggest that even if you think you know how, the guidance and coaching you get really helps to snowball your confidence.

I've always been small and that has meant I feel insignificant and insecure. Doing this program and understanding how to safely train with weights has filled me with confidence, tucked in my waist and helped me reclaim my voice in my career.

Busy, Stressed, Lacking in confidence stemming from the way I talked to myself/felt about myself I took a leap, best leap ever. I've gone from being unable to get upstairs without wheezing to running in a tough mudder with my friends from work! The food, the workouts, the coaching, the mindset work all top class. I highly recommend.

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 for just £149 and get:



The workout principles where I'll coach you through the whole transformation process, making sure you're getting everything right, working hard and making a real and long-lasting change to your body. (RRP - £1,997) 


The Entire Body Transformation Blueprint, the exact system that will take you from point A of feeling boated and wobbly to point B of feeling strong, lean, fit, confident and healthy. (RRP - £147)


The Transformation Nutrition System - we'll guide you through a simple, easy-to-follow process and teach you what to eat, when and how much so you can get rid of that stubborn, unwanted fat, start building strong, firm muscle without EVER going on a "diet" (RRP - £147)


 Habit Development System - we'll show you the simple process we use for getting rid of bad habits and replacing them with new, winning habits that speed up your progress rather than slowing it down (RRP - £147)


Email/Skype Coaching - It is convenient and flexible for your life. I'll also guide you every step of the way via email, you will never be left wondering what you're supposed to be doing. (RRP - £400)


Access to the Private Project Community - Everyone else is on hand to support you and answer your questions and queries in the private Facebook group (RRP - Priceless)


Guaranteed Results - if you follow the program to the letter you will feel flatter and firmer and lose up to 10lbs, drop Fat Fast and make sustainable nutrition habits.